Hands-on: Finally, a magnetic stand that also wirelessly charges your M4 iPad Pro

by novelcake

Kuxiu has just debuted its brand-new X33 Pro MAX Magnetic Charging Stand—yes, it’s a mouthful. I have been waiting for a product like this to be released since I picked up the 2018 iPad Pro six years ago. Other companies have attempted similar products over the years, but there was always a sacrifice that had to be made in order to charge your iPad wirelessly. Most previous solutions required an iPad case that would block the main USB-C port, making it unusable while charging. Kuxiu is giving us the first-ever frictionless magnetic iPad charging stand, which lives up to the hype.

I have been using Kuxiu products for years now, from their 3-in-1 travel chargers to their boom mic arms and iPad stands. But they have just blown me away with their new magnetic iPad charging stand line: the X33 Pro MAX, the X36 Pro MAX, and the X44 Pro MAX. In this hands-on review, we will focus on the X33 model, but all three have the same key selling points and great build quality, just in different form factors.

X33 Pro MAX

This product’s core comes from the X33 Magnetic Stand, which I have used before. It is an iPad stand that you mount your iPad on via magnets. It can rotate a full 360 degrees, offers almost unlimited viewing angles, has incredibly strong magnets, and is just built extremely well. The new Pro MAX version added magic pin connectors on the magnetic plate and a USB-C port on the rear. So now, whenever you attach your iPad to the new X33 Pro MAX, it instantly begins to charge while leaving your ultra-fast Thunderbolt port open and available.

X33 Pro MAX specs:

  • Made of CNC aluminum alloy
  • Rotates 360 degrees vertically
  • Rotates 180 degrees horizontally
  • Folds flat when not in use
  • Pin connectors allow for up to 18W fast charging for iPad
  • Instantly begins charging

Please keep in mind that this is only for power passthrough. It does not support any type of data passthrough. However, as I mentioned above, it leaves the Thunderbolt port open and ready for use.

My experience

I have only had this product for a few days, but as you can tell, I am very excited about it. My main concern was whether it would produce a lot of heat while charging. I have had my M1 iPad Pro on this stand for hours, and I have not felt it get warm whatsoever. It has charged from 10% to 100% with ease. This has also opened up the ability to have a much more modular productivity flow with the iPad. Being able to quickly switch from desktop mode to mobile mode by just popping the iPad off and on when needed adds a perfect layer of modularity that we did not have before.

Pricing and availability

Kuxiu’s entire line of new iPad charging stands is available today. We focused on the X33, which is the more typical type of iPad stand form factor. But as I mentioned, they also have the X36, which rests on a boom arm, and the X44, which has a rotating base for even more flexibility.

Support iPads:

  • M4 iPad Pro, 11in & 13in
  • M2 iPad Air, 11in & 13in
  • 12.9in iPad Pro, 2018 and newer
  • 11in iPad Pro, 2018 and newer
  • 10.9in iPad Air, 4th & 5th generations

In terms of pricing, the X33 goes for $99.99, which I believe is a fair price for what you get. The X36 and the X44 are an additional $20, so $119.99. All three models are very fairly priced and work as intended.

What do you think of this stand and form factor? Have you wanted an iPad stand that can easily charge your iPad via pin connectors? Will you be picking one of these up? Let’s discuss in the comments below!

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