M4 iPad Pro comes with a color-matched USB-C cable, so go for space black

by novelcake

Today is M4 iPad Pro launch day, so users are starting to get their hands on the new iPad and experience it in the flesh.

We know that the new iPad Pro has Apple’s most advanced chip, a remarkable Ultra Retina XDR display, and other key improvements. The 13-inch Pro is also the thinnest Apple product ever made, and lighter than before. But beyond the physical changes of thinness and lightness, did you know that it also comes with a color-matched USB-C cable?

Space black all the things

Space black USB-C cable with M4 iPad Pro

I went with the space black model and, upon receiving my iPad Pro delivery today, was pleasantly surprised to find an accompanying space black USB-C cable included in the box.

Per the online Apple Store, this USB-C cable is exclusive to the space black model, as the silver iPad Pro receives its own matching cable.

The power brick is still a classic white, posing a bit of a mismatch, but perhaps one day we’ll get color-matched power bricks too.

Currently if you want to purchase a first-party USB-C to USB-C cable on Apple’s website, your only option is white. There are darker shades available for Thunderbolt cables, but the cheapest one is $69. Thankfully, Amazon has affordable third-party, black USB-C options available.

Recently, Apple’s most prominent example of making color-matched cables was with the iMac. Starting with the M1 model redesign, each different color Mac received its own set of both color-matched accessories and cables.

It’s a small detail, but I’m all for Apple bringing color-matched cables to its entire product line. In the case of the iPad Pro, let’s space black all the things.

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